We are committed only to the best and top of the range German and Italian solutions. The raw material we use to build our kitchens is one of the best in the world.


With the incredible range we offer, you have the option to choose from thousands of solutions. Every kitchen is made according to you, for you. It represent a sense of individuality and a way of life.

Cutting Edge Technology

Only the best will do – this has been our guiding philosophy for more than half a century of our existence. However, comes with budget friendly combinations that will allow you to choose as per ‘your’ plan. Moreover, technology in design and running must be combined with technology in ‘design and style’, which means that we have one eye on elegance and style and another on the raw fingerprint that goes into the smooth functioning of the product.

Ready availability at maximum convenience

Customer is the King- that means that our utmost desire is to give you the best that we can, whether in terms of product assurance, quick delivery, ease of selection, or help you chose the right products. We also deliver directly at the site creating a competitive advantage over other retailers.


We at Spice believe that top quality service back up is mandatory in establishing the credibility and reputation of our brand. We back our products with our own highly experienced and trained service specialists on the ground.

Aiming for a satisfied design

We aim for the best designs – interiors that are proud of their fitness, proud to be functioning smoothly and problem free for years and years; in this alone lies our satisfaction and success.


Fresh, stunning, enchanting designs to suit every desired lifestyle. We aim to always surprise you with our creativity and redefine your ideas of what is possible.