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Giving you space

A well-designed and planned modular kitchen provides a lot of scope for efficient space management; a lot of storage can be created even in the smallest of kitchen areas. These storage cabinets have a lot of space saving potential and also look very elegant. In a civil kitchen creating space is possible but only to a certain extent; especially the corner spaces that are difficult to utilise effectively. Hence, in Spice modular kitchens, you get much more than what you can see!

Built to Perfection

A modular kitchen has a clean, modern and trendy look. Usually, it involves the use of straight lines and designs with a variety of modern finishes. The same levels cannot be achieved by civil kitchens. Hence, Spice modular kitchens are more appealing to the eye and suited to represent individuality.

Hassle Free Always

Installation of a modular kitchen does not take much time. It comes flat-packed in boxes and is installed at the site with minimal disturbance, dust or mess. Whereas civil kitchens take a lot of time to be built and have to be put up at the site from scratch. Wood-work and stone-work happen in the kitchen area, causing a lot of dust and noise. Spice modular kitchens are clearly the no-fuss, no-noise choice

Easy Functioning

Spice modular kitchens are made up of several separate modules, which makes it easier to service and maintain them. With separate modules it is also convenient to replace one particular part without dismantling the whole section. However, in a civil kitchen, replacement is just not possible. Any repair work has to be done at the site, which disturbs the functioning of the kitchen.

Quick Cleaning

Cleaning the modular kitchen requires less effort as all drawers come out fully and one can properly access every corner of the kitchen. It’s not easy to reach all parts of a civil kitchen easily, since the compartments do not slide out. One has to bend to reach the nooks and corners of the shelves.

Shifting Advantages

Shifting a modular kitchen is far easier, as all the modules can be disengaged and separately packed and then later reassembled in the new kitchen. Civil kitchen cannot be moved to your new home. Portability of a modular kitchen is a big advantage if you are in a transferable job.

Planned Ergonomically

A Spice modular kitchen provides the user/s a clutter-free space to easily work in. Every aspect of the design is technically and ergonomically planned to suit the user/s requirements. Civil kitchens are more or less standard in design and there is very little scope for improving the dynamics of the room, use of corner spaces, and inaccessibility of bottom shelves, etc.

Big. Bigger. Biggest

You can create 30% more space in Spice modular kitchens as compared with the space in a civil kitchen. Hence, your modular kitchen seems bigger than it actually is!